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School Lunches for Healthy Teeth

4 Tips for Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids to Take to School Many parents feel nothing but fear and dread when faced with packing back-to-school lunches.  It’s no wonder. We’re faced with finding healthy foods that kids will actually eat. (Raise your hand if the perfectly nutritious lunch you packed with love ever came back […]

SDF Stops Decay, No Drill Required

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) Stops Tooth Decay Imagine treating your child’s cavity without subjecting them to the dental drill.  This dream can be a reality with silver diamine fluoride (SDF).  SDF has been used to treat and prevent cavities painlessly in Japan and the UK for decades, and now this exciting dental treatment has been […]

Why Baby Teeth Need Fillings

Why Baby Teeth Need Fillings or SDF It’s tempting to ignore a cavity in a baby tooth.  We get it.  After all, baby teeth are just going to fall out eventually, so what does it matter? We hear this question often in our pediatric dental office. The risks of leaving a decaying baby tooth untreated […]

Best Children’s Toothbrush

Choosing the Best Children’s Toothbrush: Manual and Electric Not all toothbrushes are created equal, and choosing the best children’s toothbrush means looking at more than what cartoon character is on the handle.  Choosing the right brush for your child is important for their oral health, since children’s teeth are still developing.  Below we cover the […]